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This Non-Schlubby Hoodie is Made for Adults

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In the world of fashion, sweats fall low on the scale of what is considered “chic”. Despite cute designer collaborations, both high and low, the fact remains that hoodies are inherently chill. They’re the cozy thing you steal from a significant other (that you never return when they become insignificant); the piece you always grab for errand running. For many, they rarely enter your everyday dress code. But I found one that will.

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Tna The Perfect Hoodie, $70;



Aptly named ‘The Perfect Hoodie,’ this sweatshirt from Aritizia will change your tune about the style’s lazy association. The material is thick and the fit is sleek, but what it comes down to is this: it looks reallyexpensive. It’s a huge step up from that one you bought at Costco and it feels adult.

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Wear it everywhere: Polish off your gym outfit post-pilates, wear it under a blazer to the office, or style it with a floral skirt and sneakers for the weekend.

At $70 a pop, these hoodies will become a sure-fire fall back. But don’t worry, they come in a million colors so your coworkers won’t fault you for wearing one every day of the week.

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